A Comparison of the Leading Virtual Data Room Providers’ Features & Services

The most popular data rooms are more than just storage devices. This digital platform also serves as a project management tool, allowing users to view workflows, interact with contractors, and collaborate across teams to achieve desired outcomes. Here is more about valuable data room features of the leading vendors.

Virtual data room – the next step in your business

In current conditions, an important factor in an organization’s competitiveness is to improve the quality of management decisions, which, in turn, is largely determined by the level of organization of corporate data management. Moreover, successful management of any process, enterprise, or business is impossible without modern digital technologies. Thus, the introduction of modern virtual data rooms in business increases the culture of office work in the organization, facilitates control over the execution of the orders, allows you to localize the information necessary to justify the management decision quickly, and, as a result, increases data management efficiency.

Modern data rooms take the document management strategy to the next level by converting paper files to electronic format and centralizing the organization’s workflow during due diligence checks and confidential business transactions. According to, data rooms refer to secure electronic storage. All documents can be registered, indexed, archived, retrieved, marked up, and shared using encrypted access rights. Furthermore, the electronic data room is the only SaaS platform that integrates all internal processes of the company and document flow within inextricable chains, including through an open API and breakthrough BPM capabilities.

The best features and services of leading data room vendors

When deciding on a data room service for your project, you must understand which one best suits your needs. For this purpose, we have reviewed the fundamental features of the most popular software providers in the market. They are as follows:

Intralinks data room can be called one of the most popular on the market. It has all the necessary functionality for remote interaction. Almost any task related to documentation can be solved with this service. Digital forms are equal to paper forms in terms of their legal force. Today, the service has over a million registered customers, including large-scale online projects.

  • iDeals effectively allow business customers to view only the documents relevant to them, and admins can set inspection options for each submitted document. It enables the confidential exchange of information between multiple people and companies during M&As, IPOs, the biotech industry, startups, and various financial operations. Two-factor authentication is used in situations where only authorized users can access the system. It ensures a high level of document security and eliminates the risk of data loss or possible damage.
  • Netfiles is state-of-the-art software designed to facilitate online meetings in a controlled environment. The security of document exchange in this virtual data room is guaranteed by the latest data encryption and access control algorithms. Two-factor authentication is used in particular situations where only authorized users can access the VDR. In addition, you can control the distribution of the information you share because only the people you choose have access to it.
  • Firmex is a business solution where electronic data management is only a small part of the possibilities presented. You can build business processes, monitor performance, monitor relationships between counterparties, manage projects, and use the internal portal. The platform is intended for every company or organization, regardless of the industry in which they operate. The key consumers of the electronic document management system are organizations focused on the development and modern management based on web technologies and remote access to work resources.